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SiO's ground-breaking patch technology is the result of founder Gigi Howard's insight that the medical grade silicone used for scar healing would have a similar transformative effect on wrinkles. After 4 years of in-lab development, and multiple rounds of clinical trials, SiO was created as an effective, comfortable, and affordable solution for wrinkles. The SiO name, derived from the two elements that compose its patches: Silicone (Si) and Oxygen (O), also stands for Skin Innovation Overnight. Our potent, multi-use medical grade silicone patches are made to fit and flex like second skin. The silicone prevents transepidermal water loss and creates the ideal microclimate to draw moisture to the skin's surface to restore hydration and smooth, hydrate and firm skin, ultimately restoring a more youthful, radiant, and wrinkle-free appearance. Our reusable wrinkle smoothing patches are preventative and corrective, used to prevent wrinkle formation and help diminish those that have already formed.

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